When these not exactly »Lojzes«, connected they were thinking, drawing, cooking and finally they created something.

Tasty Slovenian cuisine, modern design trends and a different view of the world is what brought together our ideas. We don´t move away from tradition, but we carefully look for inspiration in it. We don´t run from knowledge obout use of shovels and hoes, but we are getting that knowledge from “Lojzes,” the elders of production, processing and use of domestic products.

With respect to them and the nature of the autochtonously Slovenian raw materials we combine into the brand selected domestic Slovenian products. Lojz Lojz spiced with our creative ideas and modern flavors of Galerija okusov, your homes filles with the rainbow of the scents.

You can check the offer of Lozj Lojz here.

For order you can contact us on mail info@galerijaokusov.si or number 00386 31 657 605.