We are here for you. With our tander hands we will take care for your understanding od fusion of flavors.

Your plates and good atmosphere will create:

  • Gašper Puhan
  • Luka Gmajner
  • Marko Magajne
  • Matic Molka
  • Goran Obradović
  • Albert Knez
  • Milenko Stojnič
  • Gregor Audič


Welcome in Galerija okusov!



»Taste of perfection with perfect design – fantasy of life.«

I prefer the role of the examiner of dishes and good wines, the remaining six days of the week I keep watch over strategic business decisions of Galerija okusov, as well as the academic designer I lead Medias kreativ (two awards of the international trade fair organization UFI (the largest international association in the field of exhibition and trade fair industry) for the design of the overall concept of the exhibition poster, the recipient of the first prize of Month of Design 2011 in Ljubljana), I´m also co-owner and director Geoenergetika, director of the Institute for Sustainable coexistence and chairman of the board of  Foundation’s Pulse of humanity. Curious discovering of culinary experiences from leisure pleasure, turned into serious work.




»I´ll cook, end of story.«

I decided for the kitchen in the second grade of elementary school, even though at that time classmates made fun of chubby boy and teachers wondered what will straight A's student do behind the stove; everybody were making plans for me be to become a lawyer or a doctor, but today I can boast that I´m a cook, a good cook. I´m still learning. I first gained basic knowledge in secondary catering school in Celje, then in college in Bled and later in Maribor. In the meantime, I jumped in Spain for education in five star Kempinski Hotel Bahia, at home I gained experience working with Marko Pavčnik (Pavus), today colleague Marko (Špengl) and Borut Jovan (Galerija okusov). Everyone of them gave me a lot of knowledge, but I bealive I with my own creativity, when creating something new, contributed myself too. I´m honoured to be the first Slovenian who daily cooks for Prince (Knez) Albert.


»I was called to be a chef.«

I am one of those who was inspired for cooking by grandmother. All professional chefs first met with boiling water at grandmother´s house, in those old small pots with dots – destiny wanted that I shall used them even when I grow up. But before I started to use them I brandished wooden spoons by rhythm of others in Vila Bled (Bine Volčič, Uroš Štefelin, Igor Jagodic), in restaurant Strelec (Igor Jagodic), I was the main man in Špengl, but under the watchful eye of Marko Pavčnik, and then I finally returned to the dotted old pots in Galerija okusov under the supervision of Borut Jovan, after education in secondary catering school in Celje, then in college on Bled. I´m also a member of the Slovenian cooking team, which strings successes at home and abroad. I´m happy to do what I wish to do – because I was called to be a chef. I can boast immodestly to be choosed by CEO of FUH for »the first chef« in Europe.




»More than in history I'm interested in the tradition of flavors.«

I hanged around kitchen since I know for myself.  Nevertheless, I first decided to study history, but my inner passion for discovering new flavors did not allow me to study the formation of the world. But even my work in the kitchen is connected with the history, because I´m, like most chefs, interested in the good old recipes that can be prepared in a modern way. First I cooked with my grandmother and mother, I cooked more serious in the tavern Kum in Zagorje, then the company Floresta in Ljubljana and after that I spent three months in the United States. Before me is journey to Spain, because there is never enough knowledge. And if I want to be like Adria Ferran or Heston Blumenthal some day, I have to »peel a lot of potatoes«. It is also true that I am a big fan of hop drink, therefore I am glad that count Anton Gaisruck brought hops to Slovenia out of respect to my creativity.


»Good reputation spreads itself, but someone must initiate it.«

Hello our dear guests – with this words I usually address you upon arrival at any of the events, which we prepared; my job is organization of events, both bussiness events (business meetings, conferences, working lunches) and private (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries ...) and of course our culinary events. I also take care for contact with you, media and profession and ultimately with our team – not because we would be such a big company, but with the purpose of connection and good team spirit. Media are close to me since before – I started a career as a radio and television host, last on Radio Center. I inherited care for local word from studies of Slovene, but I don´t have disposed attitude towards colleagues.

pr&event manager



»I surrender to work with passion.«

What will I do in my life? I want to socialize. And look, that kind of profession actually exists. It´s nice to wake up in the morning knowing that I have work which is challenging and fun. I worked in different types of restaurant and in the end I found myself in the a la carte restaurant – at first I worked in the restaurant owned by Mark Pavčnik – Pavus, then I took over his restaurant Špengl in Celje, I went in Rogaška Slatina; at the end of my nomadic career, I, as a fan of beer, returned back in the Savinja Valley, in Galrija okusov. I can advise you the right combination of food and wine, but not because I tried them all, but because I pass the exam WSET first degree.


»My pleasure.«

I apply to be handy, but this does not mean that I know everything, it is true that I do everything that makes me happy with pleasure. In team of Galerija okusov I´m waiter, animator and photographer. That are probably »consequences« of life style, because I´m eternal tourist – both in profession and literally, as well as for the life philosophy; indeed I´m always everywhere, just right nosey, always rested, never without a camera. So I deal with tourism (AZ, IM Tourism), I like to show to the guests of Galerija okusov the Savinja Valley with photography, by organizing events in Žalec and beyond, by writing books. I started with my first job ventures in the tavern Štorman, I assimilated tourism (and flirted with tourists) in various tourist agencies (Relax, Palma, Adrenalinček). Currently, I devote most of the time to the project Mlekarne Celeia and animation with Okay team. At least twice a week I make the president Obara (stew) laugh.