An exquisite experience

An exquisite taste is the element that makes for a superior event. Expert organization and execution are elements that ensure a special culinary experience anytime and anywhere. The limits are set only in the mind.

Celovito načrtovanje

Planning in its entirety

Attention to detail

Perfectionism is the guide. All possible scenarios are anticipated in advance. We take care of everything from preparation to the final execution.


An explosion of flawless creations

There are no limits in creativity and appropriate culinary creations can be found for each event - snacks for a quick visit and the food in front of you for pampering.

Glasba ter scena

Music and ambient

Rhythm of the event

An appropriate musical setting and ambient enhances the event’s atmosphere. We can’t sing, but we know people, who excel at creating magic.


An eternal memory

The memory remains alive, when a professional captures the moments on camera.



Dedicated to esthetics

Visual impression gives the event character, which is why décor goes hand in hand with perfection. Our partners are only the best florist and decorators.

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