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The company Galerija okusov d.o.o. has acquired funds in the public tender from the SPIRIT Slovenia - Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Fore¬ign Investments and Technology, at the Public tender for the establishment or upgrade of electronic business in SMEs in the period 2017-2018 "E-BUSINESS 2017-2018" for the operation entitled The digital restaurant of the Galerija okusov d.o.o.

The purpose of the operation is to improve the possibilities of entering or expanding business to foreign markets by establishing or upgrading electronic business.

The goal of the operation is to facilitate entry into the global value chain and to new markets by adopting the electronic business method, and to increase the international competitiveness of the company's operations.


  • Digitization performance at the fair
  • A website for foreign markets
  • Online shop for foreign markets
  • Product-sales video
  • Training of employees

The operation will last until October 2018, the total value of the operation is 27,200.00 EUR, the expected co-financing amount is 19,040.00 EUR. The operation is co-funded by the European Union from the European regional development fund (ESRR) and the Republic of Slovenia.

More on the European cohesion policy in Slovenia on the web page: www.eu-skladi.si.

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